Webinar: ‘Security & Governance in Office 365 with PortalTalk’

Office 365 offers great functionality for collaboration and sharing of documents and data when using Teams or SharePoint Online. This makes it simple to share information with colleagues and external partners and significantly increase productivity.

However, security and governance in Office 365 is a major concern for the IT department. User error and unsecured systems account for around 50% of data breaches and one of the most common results from the CSAT assessment is that security and governance in Office 365 needs to be improved.

In this webinar, we will discuss these issues, demonstrate how the PortalTalk product from QS solutions helps address them and share our experience of how to implement an effective security and governance policy for Office 365. We will also run through the pricing of the solution, how your organisation can start delivering PortalTalk to your customers and what the business opportunity is.

Date:     5th of February
Time:    2.00 PM CET