The Microsoft Cloud platform enables you to work together easily and efficiently. Task can be generated in a number of different applications and platforms: Outlook, SharePoint or Dynamics 365.

Keeping a clear overview of all your tasks is made difficult because of the different platforms. That’s why QS solutions developed Task365. With this Office365 App, you now have an overview of all your tasks in one place. Working with the Office365 user interface, you can manage all your tasks in one place – on your laptop or mobile devices.



All your tasks in the same list!

Project management


Task365 presents all tasks from Outlook, SharePoint and Dynamics 365 in one single list. That way, you can see straight away what you have in the planning for today.

Mobile interface

Task365 has been developed with a responsive design, so that the App can be used on any mobile device. Your tasks are available wherever you are via your mobile phone.

Browser cloud

Click and Use

Task365 doesn’t need to be installed, it’s ready for use straight away. We on-board the app in your Office 365 tenant and Task365 is ready to be used!

Discover the functionality of Task365.

The best way to experience the functionality available in Task365, is to watch our Webinar: “Task365, the App which helps you manage Office 365 tasks” which shows you all the functionality available and also how simple and effective Task365 is.


Task365 is available from € 180 per organisation per month and can be installed in any Office 365 tenant.


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