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PortalTalk365 is a cloud-based product for “trusted collaboration”. It offers a truly unique combination of accessibility, flexibility and collaborative power, without compromising security. PortalTalk365 gives you complete control of the Access Rights in Office 365, SharePoint and Office Groups. The product, developed by QS solutions, integrates seamlessly with your Office 365 environement and offers end-users an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Users are able to set up collaboration sites using self-service functionality in SharePoint or Office Groups, and the IT department remains in control of the system.

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Governance challenges in Office 365

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Employees don’t want to waste time when setting up collaboration environments for colleagues and external users. The challenge is that IT is the only channel for creating these sites and granting access to SharePoint.

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Revoking Access Rights

After collaboration sites have been created in SharePoint or Office 365 Groups, there is no regular interval for evaluating the validity of access rights. This results in access still being granted, even though the project has ended.

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Lack of Reporting

Auditors require that organisations are able to report on the access rights which have been granted to Office 365 and SharePoint. Producing the correct reports, showing which users have access, is extremely complex and time-consuming.


Using PortalTalk365, end users can create SharePoint sites and/or Office Groups themselves and then grant access rights to colleagues and external users. The functionality is sef-service and doesn’t require any effort from the IT department. Using the templates which IT makes available, the end user can create a collaboration site where, for example, only internal colleagues can be granted access or where both colleagues and external users are permitted. At regular intervals, the “owner” of the site is required to confirm the access rights – a process known as “attestation”. That’s how PortalTalk ensures that access rights are always up to date. The comprehensive and relevant reports make it simple to report on which users have access to the collaboration sites.

The Power of PortalTalk365

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Office 365 App

PortalTalk365 can be deployed in your Office 365 tenant as an Office 365 App – displayed in the tile menu and as a SharePoint New Web Part. That’s how we make sure that PortalTalk365 is easily availbale to all users.

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User Adoption

PortalTalk365 has been developed in close cooperation with customers and end users. The intuitive User Interface and training video’s provide the right answer to any questions your employee’s may have.

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External User Access

PortalTalk365 provides external users with access to projects in the internal Office 365 / SharePoint system. They only see the information as defined in the security roles in PortalTalk365 and log in using their own Office 365 account. That means that the IT department doesn’t have to manage any external user accounts!



The comprehensive and relevant reports make it easy for you to prove your organisation’s compliance status. The periodic confirmation check for all access rights provide proof that all access rights are valid.

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