Do you worry about the usability and security of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint? PortalTalk provides end-users with self-service functionality to manage creation of and access to Teams and SharePoint. It also gives the IT department the reports and controls they need to ensure a maximum level of security.

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Security, Governance and Usability for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint!


Access Management

PortalTalk provides a standard user interface for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for inviting team members and managing access. PortalTalk also allows the allocation of roles – including a read-only role for Microsoft Teams! Read more

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Access Control

Using PortalTalk, the IT department can enforce a regular access control for all workspaces – Teams or SharePoint sites. This requires the workspace owner to confirm access and security roles on a regular basis (for example every 30 days). An audit trail is maintained so that you can prove to your IT auditor that you have your collaboration environment under control. Read more



PortalTalk provides extensive reports for all types of Office 365 workspace. Using PortalTalk, the IT department can report on all activity in Teams and SharePoint regarding individual access, creation of workspaces and the last activity date. Read more


PortalTalk is designed to maximize security and governance for the Office 365 collaboration suite – SharePoint and Teams – without compromising usability.

We believe that self-service for end-users is the key to sustainable security and PortalTalk was developed to be simple to use while still giving the IT department the tools they need to remain in control.

PortalTalk is fully integrated with SharePoint and Teams and we follow the Microsoft roadmap closely to ensure that the product continues to offer significant value to the Office 365 collaboration platform.

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