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SharePoint is a fantastic platform for hosting an Intranet or Communication Portal and one of the most important elements is the publication of News items. The NewsApp for SharePoint enables users to post News simply and quickly. The News item is formatted automatically in three views: News Tiles, Ticker Tape and as a fully Responsive News Overview.

Using a simple electronic form, any authorised user can post News. The form provides functionality to upload and automatically scale photo’s. News can also be categorised so that employees only see the News which is relevant for them, their department or for a particular location.

News can even be viewed on the move using the mobile NewsApp for Android which displays News items on mobile phones or a tablet.

NewsApp for SharePoint

Post News Items quickly and easily!

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Fast and simple

The user-friendly electronic form makes it simple for any employee to post a news item.



News items can be targetted at specific user groups by defining and using categories.

Device Management

Mobile NewsApp

Read news items on your mobile phone or tablet on the move with the NewsApp for Android.

Check out the functionality of the NewsApp

The best way to discover all the functionality in the NewsApp for SharePoint is by watching the demovideo. In this video we run through all the functions of the NewsApp and demonstrate how simple it is to post and view News Items.


The NewsApp for SharePoint is available from € 180 per organisation per month and can be installed in any SharePoint environment.

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