Meeting 365

We spend a lot of time in meetings – and it’s not always effective. Many organisations that have already adopted modern on-line and mobile working practices still hold meetings in the traditional way. That can all change with Meeting 365 from QS solutions.

Meeting 365 supports on-line meetings and enables your organisation to conduct meetings efficiently and effectively using Office 365.



The new way to hold meetings!


Creating and sharing the agenda

Share the agenda with your colleagues prior to the meeting and get their input.


Archiving documents and data

Meeting365 has an option to archive all data and documents related to a meeting within Office 365.

Efficienter samenwerken

Inviting participants

Invite your colleagues to attend a meeting. They’ll receive an invitation to the meeting directly in their Outlook agenda.


Discover the functionality of Meeting 365.

The best way to experience the functionality available in Meeting 365, is to request a demonstration in which we can show you all the functionality available and also how simple and effective Meeting 365 is.


Meeting 365 is available from € 720 per organisation per month and can be installed in any Office 365 tenant.

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Want to see all the functionality in Meeting 365?

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