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Infocyte approaches malware and other malicious software from a different angle: they assume that endpoints have already been breached. Infocyte HUNT identifies both active and dormant attackers which have successfully bypassed the organisations defences and are present in the network. The elapsed time between this breach by the malware and the moment it is discovered – the breach detection gap – exceeds 6 months on average. Deploying Infocyte HUNT will enable your organisation to make this ‘gap’ visible and reduce the duration.

Infocyte HUNT is an “agentless” platform, designed to check the endpoints in your network for possible breaches, without requiring complex equipment and installations on the endpoints. The product complements the existing traditional defence mechanisms by combining forensic automation with patented algorithms. Infocyte HUNT was developed specifically to validate the integrity of the endpoints in the network.

Breach detection gap

Don't just react - be proactive!

Security monitoring


We don’t just search for vulnerabilities, we actively hunt down hackers who have already breached your network!

eenvoudige implementatie

Simple implementation

No installation of agents; simple implementation and maintenance of endpoints.

Snel resultaat

Direct results

We scan your network 30 times faster than other solutions – that means that you get results in hours, not weeks.

How does it work?

The best way to explain to you how Infocyte works is with a video. Click on the link below to watch a 3 minute video which outlines how Infocyte HUNT proactively hunts down both active and dormant malware which have breached traditional defence mechanisms and represent a threat. All without expensive deployment of forensic specialists.

Infocyte HUNT functionality


Identify malware quickly

Infocyte carries out concentrated and extensive searches for identified, unidentified, dormant and active malware which has breached your existing defence mechanisms.


Reduce the “Breach detection gap”

Using Infocyte HUNT will enable you to reduce the time that malware is present in your organisation after it has breached your defences.


Forensic reports

Infocyte HUNT produces reports which are simple and easy to interpret. The reports provide clear insights which could normally only be produced by experienced security specialists.


Scaleable model

Infocyte HUNT is so scaleable and automated that it can process tens of thousands of endpoints per day. By using agents that self-delete from the endpoint after executing the scan, there is a minimum of administration and the scan can be carried out as often as required.

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