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Organisations are looking for a way to check their security status quickly and simply. They want insight into their vulnerabilities, based on data from the company infrastructure and Office 365. The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) from QS solutions provides this through automated scans and analyses. This is the basis on which the CSAT provides recommendations and an action plan to improve your security. It’s the perfect way to maximise security and demonstrate that your organisation takes security seriously. This is also important given the GDPR regulations.

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Improve your security based on facts


Define your Cyber Security Roadmap

Gain insight into your security status. The CSAT provides this insight through automated scans and analyses. This data provides the basis for you to define priorities and gives you the input you need for a roadmap to improve security.

Technology gap

Insight into the ‘Technology Gap’

Legal regulations always involve both organisational processes and technology. The CSAT will define which technical measures you can take to comply with the requirements of GDPR. You can also use the CSAT to scan the measures taken on a regular basis to determine whether these have been effective. (GDPR Art. 32).

Report and recommendations


The CSAT will identify area’s requiring attention and recommend action to be taken. For example, if the CSAT discovers that sensitive information is being shared with persons outside the organisation, it will provide a recommendation for document security.

How does it work?

The CSAT is a software product developed by experienced security experts. It collects relevant data by:

  • Scanning all endpoints and other systems in the network
  • Scanning the Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Scanning Office 365, SharePoint Online, Teams and Intune
  • Collecting relevant information through with a questionnaire

By using agents which delete themselves following the endpoint scan, the effort required from the internal IT department is kept to a minimum.

Licensing costs

The CSAT is available via our world wide partner channel. Looking for a local partner, check out our partner list on the product website.

The CSAT modules


Endpoint scan

CSAT collects information about accounts, firewall rules, applications installed, the OS/Service Pack, shares and the registry.

Active Directory

Active Directory & Azure Active Directory

The CSAT retrieves User and Group information, identifies external users and (unused) accounts (including admin accounts) and flags suspicious accounts based on different rules and logic.

Office 365 SharePoint Onedrive Teams

Office 365, SharePoint and Intune

The CSAT searches through content in Office 365, SharePoint and Teams for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Access granted to Teams and SharePoint sites and documents is also extracted. Additionally the registered devices and defined compliance policies are retrieved from Intune and compared to recommended practices.



To assess the organisation’s policies and procedures around security, the CSAT uses a questionnaire. With the technical details from the scans and the answers to the questions, the CSAT provides a reliable maturity status. This is the basis to define next actions.

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