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Digital Meetings in Office 365 with Meeting 365

Using Skype for a video-chat is ideal. But meetings involve much more than just communication. Meetings involve preparation, the meeting itselfcarrying out tasks and actions agreed and recording decision made. It’s exactly this type of functionality which isn’t available in Skype or Teams. That’s why QS solutions decided to develop a Digital Meeting App which supports the complete meeting process end to end. 

Cyber Security Assessment Tool

Get serious about information security with the CSAT

Russian interference in the American elections, the WannaCry-virus in May and the Petya-virus just one month later. Information security is hitting the headlines more than ever. With European GDPR regulations taking effect on the 25th of May 2018, interest in this subject is bound to increase. Many organisations are worried about their security position as all these factors start to affect them. Doing nothing is not an option, but where do you start? Well, step one is knowing what the current state of your information security is. We can help you do that – in just one week. And once you know what your current position is, you can start making improvements. In this blog, I’ll explain what our approach is.