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QS solutions believes that the latest Microsoft technology can help organisations to work more efficiently and effectively. It’s our mission to make this innovative technology work for you.

That’s why QS solutions does more than just implement Microsoft software. We also develop standard software solutions which make it easier and more practical to use and, at the same time, more secure. We’re committed to using our experience, vision and expertise to ensure that the Microsoft technology works for your organisation and employees.


1994 | Start DBS Business Solutions

DBS Business Solutions was established by Paul Dols and Jos van der Zalm in 1994 by a Management Buy Out from Digital Equipment/Philips. The company was specialised in developing standard software for Payroll, Human Resources and Accounting. DBS was one of the first companies to develop business software on the Windows platform and based on a Relational Database System.

2002 | Microsoft CRM

In order to accelerate growth and develop the growing relationship with Microsoft, DBS Business Solutions started to develop software and services around the Microsoft CRM platform. DBS was one of the first companies to start working with Microsoft CRM and has been involved with the product since version 1.0.

2005 | Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint

The Microsoft CRM activities were extremely succesful and DBS Business Solutions made a strategic decision to expand the partnership with Microsoft. A number of experienced consultants were recruited to set up teams for SharePoint and Project Server. This also represented the starting point for development activities based on the Microsoft products. The first add-on product developed by DBS Business Solutions  was a number of SharePoint Apps which offered Intranet functionality on the SharePoint platform.

2010 | Sale of DBS Business Solutions to Visma

Visma, a Norwegian company, supplying accounting and administrative software, acquired the standard software applications for Human Resources and Accounting from DBS Business Solutions at the end of 2010. Development and Consultancy for the Microsoft platform was not included in the acquisition.  A new company is founded to continue these activities – QS solutions. Click here to read the Press Release.

2013 | QS solutions acquires Elephant Security

The Microsoft products are increasingly delivered as cloud solutions and demands grows for Identity & Access Management. In order to provide this expertise, QS solutions acquired Elephant Security in 2013. Elephant Security had devloped and sold the software product BHOLD, which was acquired by Microsoft and is now a module in Microsoft Identity Manager and had started the devlopment of a new product – PortalTalk. This acquisition of Identity & Access Management expertise allowed QS solutions to continue to provide customers with the services they required and also matched the strategy of QS solutions to develop add-on products for the Microsoft Platform. PortalTalk provides users with self-service functionality to apply for, grant and control access to applications and SharePoint sites without compromising security and governance. For more information about PortalTalk click here.

2017 | QS solutions starts Cyber Security activities

Cyber security is increasingly important and QS solutions starts to provide Cyber Security services and products. The partnerships with Microsoft and Infocyte enable QS solutions to provide a broad range of Security products and services. As always, QS solutions adds value to the Microsoft platform by developing add-on software products aimed at practical use of the Microsoft Platform. In cooperation with Microsoft, QS solutions has developed the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT), which organisations can use to gain insights into their Cyber Security status. CSAT helps organisations to develop a roadmap for the implementation of software tools to maximise the security of their infrastructure and information.

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